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LOCAL AUTHORSBy Genre (2020 Albany Book Festival)



Shameka Andrews
Butterfly on Wheels (picture book)


Artie Bennett
The True Story of Zippy Chippy (picture book-biography)


Anne O'Brien Carelli

Skylark and Wallcreeper
and One Light (middle grade novels)


Eric Devine

One in Ten (newest YA novel)

Tania Guarino

Bedtime Band (picture book coming soon)


Melissa Hurt

I Am the Jungle: A Yoga Adventure (picture book)

Gertrude Katz

Young Adult and Teaching Resources


Lani Larson

The Bright Idea Series

(Volume II coming soon)

Linda Elovitz Marshall
The Polio Pioneer: Dr. Jonas Salk and the Polio Vaccine (picture book)

Anne Frank: The Girl Heard Around the World (middle grade)
Have You Ever Zeen a Ziz? 
(picture book)

Saving the Countryside 
(picture book)

Shalom Bayit (board book)


Isabella Sementilli
The Short Story of One Tough Cookie

Alexandra Siy

Cynthia Stephens 

Sacred Ground Productions LLC

The Princess and the Golden Yam (coming soon) 

D. R. Whitehead

Messy Adventures in Friendship Series
Taylor's Party Dilemma & Amanda's New Friend
(Christian Middle grade novels)
Series website


Laura Heffernan

Romantic Comedy


Joe Di Bari


Jack Casey

Hamilton's Choice (new novel)

Joe Di Bari

John R. Teevan III


Esma Ashraf, MSW

Shamma: The Dancing Flame

Paul E Calarco, Jr.

Spirals of Love

Carol Durant

Cold Pressed and Just Brewed Poetry

Also available at The Book House in Stuyvesant Plaza & Market Block Books

Sarah Giragosian

The Death Spiral (new collection)

Shana Gourdine

The Mask Behind the Mask

JoAnn Stevelos

Dream Alibis (poetry collection)

Author website

Martin Willitts Jr.

For special promotions/deals, email the author:

Unexpected (new collection)

The Temporary World Coming Home Celebration Unfolding Towards Love


Joachim Frank

Aan Zee (new novel)

Harvey Havel 

Author Page

Joyce Hinnefeld

The Beauty of Their Youth
(new short story collection)

Eugene Mirabelli


Forthcoming on October 23rd

Edward Schwarzschild

In Security (new novel) Available at 30% discount from SUNY Press (coupon code ABF20 through October24th) Click here to order

JoAnn Stevelos

Howard Be Thy Name (novel)

Author Website

Keith W. Willis

The Knights of Kilbourne fantasy/romance series






Catherine Bruns


Robert Knightley

Peter G. Pollak

Missing (newest novel)

Carol Pouliot

The Blackwell and Watson Time-Travel Mysteries

Tom Swyers


Vincent Zandri
The Girl Who Wasn’t There
(new thriller)




Glenn Albrecht

Earth Emotions: New Words for a New World

Cornell University Press

Ray Brescia

The Future of Change: How Technology Shapes Social Revolutions

Cornell University Press


Rick Burton & Scott Pitoniak

Forever Orange: The Story of Syracuse University

Syracuse University Press

Dr. Mildred Chang

The Mask Is Off (memoir)

My Name Is George Weah: Journey From The Slum to President (biography)

Email the author to purchase:

Elaina Coe 

The Grammar Palette: Complete grammar and how it translates into more varied and effective writing of fiction and nonfiction

Michael A. Davi

PrivileGEd (memoir/nonfiction)


Peter Del Tredicci

Wild Urban Plants of the Northeast, Second Edition

Cornell University Press


Chuck D’Imperio

New York State/Regional Studies

Syracuse University Press
Upstate Uncovered (SUNY Press)

John Seibert Farnsworth

Nature Beyond Solitude: Notes from the Field

Cornell University Press


Doug Feldman

A View from Two Benches: Bob Thomas in Football and The Law

Cornell University Press

J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker ANASTASIA AGAIN: The Hidden Secret of the Romanovs

Jay Howard Geller

The Scholems: A Story of the German-Jewish Bourgeoisie from Emancipation to Destruction

Cornell University Press


J. Robert Harris

Way Out There: Adventures of a Wilderness Trekker

Harvey Havel 

Author Page

Sean Kirst

The Soul of Central New York

Syracuse University Press

Jeff Kosseff

The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet

Cornell University Press

Lois Letchford

Reversed: A Memoir

Philip Mark Plotch

Last Subway: The Long Wait for the Next Train in New York City

Cornell University Press

Peter Rose

History on Our Plate: Recipes from America’s Dutch Past for Today’s Cook

Syracuse University Press


Bridgette Shea

Cultivating Your Microbiome (newest book)

Holistic Health

Nina Shengold

Reservoir Year: A Walker’s Book of Days (memoir/nature writing)

Syracuse University Press


Cathy A. Small

The Man in the Dog Park: Coming Up Close to Homelessness

Cornell University Press

Rodney A. Smolla

Confessions of a Free Speech Lawyer: Charlottesville and the Politics of Hate

Cornell University Press


Robert W. Snyder

Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City

Cornell University Press


Robert G. Spinney

City of Big Shoulders: A History of Chicago

Cornell University Press

Lisa A. Tucker

Hamilton and the Law: Reading Today’s Most Contentious Legal Issues Through the Hit Musical

Cornell University Press


Mohammad Yadegari with Priscilla Yadegari

Always an Immigrant, a Cultural Memoir



Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza


Cornell University Press


Editorial Freelancers Associations (EFA)


Empire State Center for the Book


Friends and Foundation
of Albany Public Library


IMNF Education Press

McPherson & Company

Syracuse University Press

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